A peek into my photos

Hey lovelies,

One of the things I feel I have struggled with with running an indie business. Is photographing my pieces. I only really sell online (with the occasional market) so my product photos are super important. I have to try and get the feel and product over in photos as well as having them look professional and like I know what I’m doing * SPOILER - I DONT KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I’M TOTALLY WINGING IT *

So I though I’d just do a little post to show you guys what actually goes into photographing my pieces. During winter it’s super hard to get photo of my pieces as I work full time and it’s dark by the time I get home. So I only really have the weekends. But in summer time it’s not too bad.

The camera I use to take my photos is a Nikon Coolpix L3300 (I think) I bought it a few years back now for about £100 and it’s fab for what I need it to do. It takes lovely crisp photos and isn’t too pricey either.


Up until literally last week I would hunt around for a nice clean white background to take photos against. But it didn’t occur to me that I had a white table cloth in a cupboard which does just the job! I’m lucky to have really good lighting in my utility room of all places. So I normally take my photos there.

For smaller items I lay the table cloth on the window sill. But for larger items I will lay it on the floor.

I love incorporating greenery in my photos. I just love how it contrasts against the white background and the colour of my pieces. So you will probably find some greenery in most of my photos. I either forage this from my garden or if I’m feeling adventurous. I’ll take a trip to the florist to pick some up.

Adding props to your photo just adds that little bit extra.

This little guy is also normally close by. This is our rescue Siberian Husky “Snowy” and he gives the best cuddles!



Once I’ve taken a gazillion photos….I normally get some snacks and a big mug of tea and start editing them.

I use photo shop to edit my photos. But you can get some awesome free photo editing software out there. My first step is to whack the brightness right up! Even though I take my photos in a fairly well lit room. They still need a lot of brightness to bring them up and to make them look pro.

Next I usually adjust the contrast. Some photos need it and some don’t. It depends on the shot and the light. Sometimes it’s easy to up the contrast too much and for it to look over edited.

I occasionally need to use the clone tool to edit out any imperfections or marks. But not very often. Sometimes I also crop the photo to.

Next up I just add a little text saying my business name. This is so if someone sees the photo elsewhere then they know where to go to get that product. Or if someone re posts my photo without credit, then people can still see where it comes from. Unfortunately it’s also for copyright reasons. The internet is a big place and sometimes that means that people like to pass your work off as their own. Adding my business name just adds that little bit of extra security.

1 cropped.jpg

And that is pretty much it guys. If I’m having a taking photos day it normally takes a good few hours to photograph and edit them. But this depends on how many pieces I need to photograph.

It’s pretty amazing the difference a bit of photo editing makes…..