Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival

Hello my lovelies!

Hope your all fabulous!

As promised to you lovely lot over on my Instagram. This blog post will be all about my experience of holding a stall at the craft fair section of the Cowbridge Food and Drink festival. I'm going for realness in this post.....A lot of people don't see the behind the scenes stress and mess of running a small craft business.They just see the final polished photos.But I want to show you guys the reality behind the polished Instagram photos.g

I was a big anxious stress ball. But I thoroughly enjoyed the event. ( I'll be doing a little deeper on another blog post about my feelings personally,but for now I'll focus on the event)

When I applied for a stall at the festival I honestly just did it on a whim and didn't think I would get accepted. Fast forward a few weeks and sitting in my email inbox was an acceptance email for a stall ( more on this in a later blog )

So it was all systems go. I through myself into making new products | planning my stand display and working my way through my endless "to do" list.

Fast forward a few weeks and it was the last few days before the festival. As some of you may know I also work a 9 to 5 as well as running Eastern Sapphire. So I took a day off of my full time job to get ready. My folks were coming all the way from Norfolk to help me to and were arriving on the Friday.

We went full pelt into sorting my stand design and getting all the products all labelled up and tying up all the last bits on my to do list. With snacks to keep us going of course ( we may have also had a few glasses of prosecco to ) We had my studio assistant also on standby ( the little furry guy to the left )


I had a rough idea of how I wanted my stand to look. But didn't really know how to tie it all together. I sourced some reclaimed scaffold boards from a local reclamation yard and decided to make a stand for my larger pieces to hang on.


All of the money I spend on Eastern Sapphire comes out of my own pocket. I'm not wuite at the point where I am using my profits to buy bits for Eastern Sapphire. But I'll get there :-) So I wanted to spend as little as possible on my stand and any other bits I needed. So I was quite chuffed when I managed to make this stand.

I sourced my trestles and table top from Ikea. I found the table top in the discount corner! If your ever in Ikea it is always worth a quick look. You never know what your going to find!

After doing a dummy set up of my display. I was finally happy with my stand. 


I turned up at the event the next day full of anxiety. But I was there and ready to go!

The room we were in was lovely and rustic. I was greeted by a lovely lady called Lucy. Who was so supportive and helpful.The other crafter's were also lovely and friendly to!



The event was amazing! Well organized and the foot fall for the venue was perfect for my first Wales craft fair. I was slightly apprehensive as the craft fair venue was quite a way from the main event. But we had food and drink stalls outside to. Which tied the whole event together.

The venue we were in had live music in the beer garden for most of the day which added a lovely lively atmosphere. 

I met some lovely people and had some fab feedback and encouragement. It was a 2 day event which I think helped massively. As there was quite a lot of different events and demos going on. So it gave visitors plenty of time to see everything.

If your reading this and thinking about attending next years festival as a stall holder. My advice is do it! The organizers are lovely and the event is very professional and welcoming. The only thing I would say is that maybe some more promoting regarding the craft fair section or more signage would have been fab. The location was lovely to. But it would maybe benefit more from being in a larger venue so there is room for more stalls.

I can't thank the organizers of the fair enough for giving me the chance to have a stall. It was a big step for me to put my work out there and attend my first proper craft fair. I also wouldn't have been able to do it without the help and support of my family. Thanks to my Ma and Pa for coming all the way from Norfolk to help me and always supporting me and encouraging me. Also thanks to my partner for ferrying me around and letting me fill his car with lots of wood and for putting up with my stressy snaps and grumpiness. I truly couldn't have done it without any of you. 



So now Iv'e done one...I guess I should get looking into booking my next one! Watch this space!

Rach x