The big move!!

Hello :-) 

It's been super quiet over here in my little corner of the internet. It's been a bit of whirl wind since September...

As some of you may know, I used to be based in the Midlands.But due to work commitments myself and my partner have upt sticks and moved to South Wales right on the coast. It's been a bit of a change moving from the centre of a city to the rural fields of South Wales.It's a super big step for us. It was a scary one...but hopefully in the long run it will be better for us and our future...South Wales is absolutely beautiful and I have found so much inspiration around me.I'm originally from Norfolk so I have always loved being outside exploring. I kind of missed having that in Leicester. You couldn't really just go out the door and go for a walk through fields or a walk along the beach. Whereas where we are based now. When I walk out my front door there is a field of cows just round the corner. And an amazing beach just down the road.


The big move means we have space for a craft room! (currently doing a happy dance) My partner enjoys making model airplanes ( we both work in the aviation industry) so we share  a little room in our house. I think it's lovely that we both have a craft we enjoy doing :-) We also have a garden!In our old place I was quite restricted to what I could work on because we had no outside space.....But now the garden is my oyster :-) haha!


I have been busy working away in the back round on EasternSapphireDesigns. Iv'e kind of given it an over haul and tried to pull the look and feel all under the same boat...I hope :-/ 

Iv'e been pretty busy working away on newbies for everyone! And the beach down the road makes the perfect setting for product photos. I packed up all the products I had ready to photograph and lugged them about a mile down the beach to the perfect spot. It was absolutely covered in driftwood!!

I was quite proud of some of the photos I got. And I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air.I even managed to score some driftwood for some new projects!


I'll be updating the shop soon with the new little gems! I'm hoping to launch some new colouring pages to! One of my aims for 2018 is to utilize my website and blog more. So you may find me hanging about here causing trouble a bit more often! Have a lovely weekend!