"Always smile when you can.It is cheap medicine"

Hey folks!

Just checking in and sharing what Iv'e been up to recently.

I may have mentioned before that I scored some lovely wooden rounds from a tree surgeon in Kent.This is thanks to my partners lovely family :-) 

I only really have time to burn on the weekends now.I'll create on the odd week day night but my current job is pretty full on so all I want to do when I get home is relax with a big brew and some biscuits :-)

But I have been working a few little pretties which are now available on my shop!


This little piece was quite spontaneous. But Im a little in love with it.Something so simple but so complex at the same time!

I also made this little bee...


The wood I created these 2 pieces on is Ashwood.I scored a massive plank of it from a local DIY shop in my hometown. Ive probably managed to spread it across about 5 different projects.


I'm also working on something I'm a little excited about!Im hoping to launch a range of these soon!But they may need some tweaking first! Here's a sneaky peek.......

For starters I need to invest in a drill.....unfortunately im not strong enough to get the screws all the way in.......Thats a job for next weekend! Im hoping to get a few of these in the shop.All on different pieces of wood making each piece different and unique!

Im hoping to get a review post up soon to.I'm going to be talking about the difference between using a fixed tip burner and a wire tip burner.Keep your eyes peeled!

Anyways.....I'm off to tackle my washing up and cook dinner..........Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And be back soon! xx