Remember me??

Hello people!

First off.......sorry for my quietness. I changed full time jobs back in October and Iv'e been struggling to get back into the swing of things.But I have slowly started making new little pretties to pop in my shop.

One piece I recently finished is this pretty little gem.......


I sourced the wood from a tree surgeon in Kent.I think its Apple wood.It has a lovely colour and grain.I must admit......I have a sofrt spot for this one....

Iv'e also been dabbling in a bit of painting.But I wasn't too happy with the results.I got too excited to start painting and didn't sand the wood smooth enough (rookie error I know) and just couldnt get smooth lines and coverage.But I think it's still pretty :-)


So I am still here and I am still creating.Regretfully I have had to take a few steps back from Eastern Sapphire Designs. I will still be making and creating.But just a bit slower and less frequent then before :-) 

If anyone has any artists or creators they are loving at the minute.Then please feel free to share with me! I'm looking for some fresh inspo!!

Ta Ta for now!!

Rach x